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Our Relux membership offers a variety of services and applications, going beyond just lighting calculations.

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Examples of Relux Memberships

Example 1

Products visibility in Greece
CHF 1-5 million turnover

CHF 4'992.-/year

Example 2

Products visibility in United Kingdom
CHF 5-10 million turnover

CHF 11'958.-/year

Example 3

Products visibility international
CHF 10-20 million turnover

CHF 18'855.-/year

Relux takes into account the size of your company
and the market
 in which you want to be available with your products.

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Request a quote for a 
Relux membership

To calculate a quote, we need some information about your company.

10 reasons why you should become a Relux Member

1. Enhanced Visibility

With a user base comprising lighting planners, architects, and designers, showcasing your products on Relux ensures they're seen by the very professionals who might incorporate them into their designs.

Boosted Brand Image: A presence on a reputable platform like Relux amplifies your brand's credibility and sets you apart from competitors absent from the platform.

Products listed on Relux spare designers from manually entering product details, potentially swaying their preference towards your offerings.

Relux's capability for meticulous lighting simulations means clients can visualize the real-world efficacy of your lighting solutions, fostering trust in your products.

Relux's compatibility with CAD and BIM tools ensures your products can be effortlessly incorporated into comprehensive design workflows.

Platforms like Relux offer insights into the frequency of your products' usage in simulations and project specifications

With a worldwide user base, Relux can introduce your products to international markets previously out of reach.

As you refine or expand your product lineup, Relux facilitates easy updates to ensure professionals access the latest data.

Relux's array of educational resources, including webinars and training sessions, might pave the way for collaborative ventures, allowing you to share knowledge or debut new products to a receptive audience.

Engaging with a professional platform like Relux can foster connections with influential industry figures, potential partners, and prospective clients.

Relux users worldwide

Relux Services


Provides the Relux member's website with all the file formats available on ReluxNet (ldt, ies, 3D-dwg, rfa, ROLF II) and includes an online lighting calculation.


Combines luminaires
with presence and motion detectors


Online statistics on
products used in projects